Jerusalem food expert Shimshon Leshinsky made a guest appearance on the YouTube channel today in order to review the Russian/Georgian fare at Yolo Bakery on Kiach Street in Downtown Jerusalem.

Owner Sasha Gelfund was also on hand to tell us the story of how he built the restaurant’s taboon oven himself from over 400 bricks and failing to find something up to his exacting standards on the local market. Gelfund immigrated to Israel from Serbia 30 years ago.

Yolo Bakery serves a delicious variety of traditional delicacies at very reasonable prices.


00:00 – Shot of building exterior
00:13 – Shimshon Leshinsky explains the significance of Russian New Year
00:57 – Owner Sasha Gelfund discusses the significance of the holiday
02:05 – Shimshon Leshinsky offers advice to Sasha Gelfund on dish
02:37 – Sasha Gelfund explains how he built the oven himself!

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