Everyone possesses a deep fundamental love for G-d and even though this love may be hidden away for much of a person’s life, at times it can flare up in a loud and passionate way, to the point that our one consuming desire is to be bound up with G-d in an eternal bond of mutual love. This everlasting bond will become manifest with the imminent revelation of His Kingship through the coming of Moshiach and the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, may it occur speedily in our days!!

The beautiful sand art in this video as well as the videography were contributed by the incredibly talented Ukrainian artist Polina Hrystkova, whose sensitive and nuanced sand art also graced my music video REBBETZIN.

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Have a beautiful, blessed day of love and connection with G-d!!💞💞💞

Yona Rivka Kimelman


Thank you to Toby Wilson for the beautiful instrumental track and to Chelsie Tyrrell for her meticulous mixing.