Yonatan explains the idea behind the song: “The idea of ​​recording an acoustic piano in the looper came to me when I played with my dear buddy Cousin Chen who used to play the violin using various “ficicato” and other different tones. I paused and paused … as usual and since then, the use of the looper in all sorts of variations has become more and more popular, but still I wanted to try and see what comes out of me in this encounter … The clash of layers and sounds in each other, when only a moment before you played them, like waves Rising from the depths, it excites me every time and it opens up many new creative options. “

” So here it is before you .. my first attempt .. to sing like the sea waves .. like a bird .. to fly over sounds Maybe something small for this month … The month of mercy and forgiveness … The king is in the field.”


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