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JEWELS, an inclusive school in Baltimore for children with special needs, is proud to team up with Yoni Z to share an original song to champion the mission of inclusion. This song is dedicated to individuals with disabilities and those that open their hearts to include everyone no matter how Hashem made them. Because “we all belong together”.

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Composed by Yitzy Waldner
Music produced and arranged by Doni Gross
Lyrics by Chayale Neuhaus
Filmed and produced by Elchanan Ciment at Ciment Studios
Studio filming by Avraham Yaakov Saftlas
Technical assistance by Richie B


I don’t look like you
You don’t have my view
Both of us are on a journey
I am my own star
You are who you are
Yet we’re part of one great story…

It’s in your eyes, I can truly feel
There is something real
That’s pure and loving
In your voice, there’s a message heard
You’re the one to show the world!


We belong!
We belong together
Even though we’re different
The fit is perfect
We belong!
One and strong forever
I’ll bring that smile to your face
We belong!
We belong together
Created in His image
And we’re so perfect
We all belong!
One and strong forever
Each taking pride in our place

The room just come to life
We watch each other thrive
We share and build with patience, kindness
In every heart you reach
The lesson that you teach
Don’t judge a book – but look inside it

No more shadows as you step out proud
And your light breaks out – it’s bright and shining
And it wouldn’t be the same without you here
For you show the world!


Every child is put here with a mission
To spread a glow that only they ignite
And though my puzzle piece won’t look the same as yours
Together they can fit just right!



#Jewels #WeBelong #YoniZ