Eretz Yisrael, a new single from Yonina’s second album.
A modern love song to the land of Israel, inviting us to travel throughout our beautiful land.

Song translation:

It’s been a while since we went hiking, let’s grab a bag and a walking stick
Discover our land again, between the paths we’ll find a corner with shade
Here our forefathers walked as well, the stones whisper to me
And history is still being written with every step we take

So let’s to go swimming in the Kinneret =Sea of Galilee
Let’s sleep in the desert and gaze at the stars
They say there’s snow on the Hermon
Jerusalem’s shining, Tel Aviv isn’t sleeping
And I’m in love with my land of Israel

For generations, we’ve been dreaming only to kiss the land
And now we’ve all come, from every place, from every corner
We’ve come from different cultures, traditions and paths of life
As diverse as the land, as its beautiful landscapes.

We’ll head down to the Dead Sea, we’ll climb up to the Golan
Connect to the land in the Judean desert, in the Shomron mountains and the low hills
The pioneers who came here wrote countless songs for you
So here’s another one, because we still love you.