Here it is! Our NEW SINGLE- Tikkun Olam ❤️ and just in time for Chanukah. “Tikkun Olam” means to repair the world, step by step, lighting it up with acts of kindness, big and small. It’s up to all of us, and it starts right now. Share the song and spread the light!
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Thanks to the talented kids who sang with us: Meira Kiwala, Serach Ravitz-Brown, Rut Ravitz-Brown, Chasdaya Guigui, Aharon Mordechai Guigui, Noam Amster and Nachum Tuvya Kalev Gottlieb. Another big thanks to all the wonderful kids & parents who took part in filming this video and making it magical.

Music & Lyrics: Yoni & Nina Tokayer
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Amit Ben Atar
Filmed and Directed by Yosef Shelest
Edited by Yoni Tokayer

You know the world isn’t perfect yet
And g-d left empty spaces
So that we could fix it up ourselves
There are sparks in the darkest places
So I dream about changing the world
When I grow up I’ll figure out how
But I think I can start even now…

‘Cause every step that I take
There’s a chance to do good
If I brighten someone’s day
I can light up the world
I have so much to give
I can help someone out
And that’s what tikkun olam is all about

I can smile at a friend that’s sad, let her know I care
And I can thank my mom and dad, for always being there
I can give food and cloths to the poor
I can share when a friend comes through the door
I can pray that there won’t be any wars…

Ve’ahavta Lereacha Kamocha