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No doubt about it. Arik Einstein z”l had a LONG list of musical hits. But if you had to pick the biggest, which would you choose?

Most people will tell you that his two biggest songs were “Uf Gozal” (Fly, Little Bird) and “Ani V’ata” (You and I). In fact, named “Ani V’ata” as one of their Ten Israeli Songs Every Jew Should Know.

Arik’s been gone since 2013, but his musical legacy lives on. His vast collection of hits is played daily on Israeli radio, and his star shines brighter than ever.

He also has plenty of talented musical friends who want to keep his name alive. That’s why Shlomi Shabbat teamed up with Idan Amedi, Yuval Dayan, Liran Danino, Guy V’yahel, Eden Alene, Sapir Saban, and Odeya Azulay to revive Arik’s classic “Ani V’Ata”. The result is pure joy, a gorgeous tribute to an Israeli icon.

But this isn’t the first time Shlomi and friends toasted Arik. In 2018, Shlomi Shabbat, Idan Amedi, Yuval Dayan, and Guy V’yahel joined forces to cover “She’kshe’navo” – another Einstein masterpiece.

Arik Einstein – “Ani V’Ata”: Translated Lyrics


You and I we’ll change the world
you and I by then all will follow
Others have said it before me but
doesn’t matter you and I we’ll change the world.

You and I we’ll try from the beginning
it will be tough for us, no matter, it’s not too bad!
Others have said it before me but it
doesn’t matter you and I we’ll change the world.