This film is a search for Shlomo Carlebach. The number of people that Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach touched, some for a minute and some for twenty years, is enormous. Their acquaintance, the touch that R. Shlomo touched them, was predominantly random. Somehow Rabbi Shlomo hunted them down, almost at the last moment. Almost a decade after the death of one of the most esoteric figures of 20th-century Judaism, the director embarks on a search for Shlomo Carlebach. The search begins in a personal and small place – at home, with an inexplicable longing for the man and the essence. The search reaches to this day, to the halls where artists perform Carlebach’s songs, which are filled to the brim, and to the educational institutions that refused to hear about him while he was alive, and who now pray according to the melodies he composed and tell his story.